Health and Biomedical Sciences Program

HBSP Advisory Committee

The purposes of the Health and Biomedical Science Program Advisory Committee are:

  • To inform students of the range of options available in health-related fields,

  • To advise students about curricular decisions in order to ensure that they meet their pre-health career education while fulfilling major and liberal arts degree requirements,

  • To assist students in exploring their interest in health-care fields experientially,

  • To help students assess their aptitude for the health professions, and

  • To assist students in identifying and applying to health science schools.

Core Members:   Department:    
Steve Steiner, Chair   Che Dept, SCC 235
(812) 866-7255
Bryant Stamford   KIP Dept, SCC 105
(812) 866-7236
Pam Pretorius  

Bio Dept, SCC 206
(812) 866-7243

Ex Officio:        
Margaret Krantz   Career Center, Hendricks Hall
(812) 866-7126
Skip Dine Young   Psych Dept, SCC 156
(812) 866-7319
David Harden   OEL, Hendricks Hall
(812) 866-7129