Health Sciences Program

Four-Year KIP Track

Successfully completing the required number of courses to be able to sit for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a daunting process and requires careful planning. The course matrix below is intended to assist you in the planning process if you plan to apply to enter medical school in the fall following graduation.

Recommendations for the first year include every course you will take in that year at Hanover College; beyond that, the matrix lists only courses required to keep you on track to take the MCAT, so that you will be afforded the greatest amount of flexibility to allow your academic interests to guide your decisions. For sophomore year and thereafter, we recommend that you work with an HBSP advisor or your major advisor to assist you in the planning process.

Fall   Winter   Spring   Summer

First Year            
  • Bio 161: Ecology & Evolution
  • Chem 161: Principles I
  • Foreign Language
  • LA or HS course
  • FY101: First Year Seminar 
  • Bio 185: Cell & Mol. Biology
  • Chem 185: Principles II
  • Foreign Language
  • LA or HS course
  • KIP 225: Nutrition

(Clinical Exposure)(Volunteer)

Second Year            
  • KIP 215: Anatomy
  • Chem 221: Organic Chem I
  • KIP 230: Physiology
  • Chem 222: Organic Chem II
  • Mat 217: Applied Statistics
  • KIP 326: Biomechanics
  (Clinical Exposure)(Volunteer)

Third Year            
  • Phy 161: General Physics I
  • Che 342: Biochem I

  • Psy 111: Basic Principles
    or Soc 164: Intro to Sociology
  • KIP Major Course
  • Phy 185: General Physics II
  • Psychology or Sociology
  • Elective
    (Take MCAT)

(Take MCAT)
(Apply to professional school)
(Gain Research Experience)
(Clinical Exposure)

Fourth Year            
  • KIP 327: Physiology of Ex.
  • KIP 341: Research Methods
(Complete secondary applications)
  • KIP 471: Senior Thesis
  • KIP Major Course
  Off-campus course